[Piggy effect] Differentiate opium poppy from dog poppy (flower poppy, flower poppy)

Poppies are in full bloom on rural farms. It is called flower poppy or flower poppy, and the official name is dog poppy, which is a flower plant poppy for enjoying only flowers that are not related to drug opium.


The current name of poppy is based on the Joseon Botanical Hyangmyeong Collection (Joseon Museum Research Association, Jeong Tae-hyun et al. 3, 1937), which is derived from the fact that the flowers are beautiful enough to be compared to poppy, the favorite of King Hyeonjong of China.

Since poppy is used as an anesthetic, cultivation is currently strictly prohibited in Korea, and even when cultivated in a small area, it is necessary to obtain prior approval from the Minister of Food and Drug Safety. If you are caught cultivating, buying, or using poppies, you will be sentenced to up to five years in prison or fined up to 50 million won under the Narcotics Control Act.


drug poppy, opium-poppy

a biennial plant of the family Poppyidae

학명 Papaver somniferum L.

The genus Papaver is derived from the Latin garnish papa, which means porridge given to infants, and it is the name derived from mixing it with porridge to put the child to sleep because it has a hypnotic effect on poppies, and refers to plants in the genus Poppies. The species name somniferum has the meaning of ‘sleeping’.

Poppy characteristics

It is a plant that grows from tropical to temperate, so it can be grown in various places in Korea. But warm fat is more advantageous for cultivation. As for the soil, sand mud with good drainage is the best, and growth is poor in places where there is too much moisture or mud.

The stem is 50-150 cm long and has no hair. The poppy leaves are misaligned and long egg-shaped, with the base hugging about half the main stem, the tip being pointed, irregular gnarled teeth at the edge, and the whole is white and about 3-20cm long.

The flowers of poppies bloom from May to June, and in addition to white, there are various colors such as red and purple, and they run upward at the end of the main stem, and the buds droop downward.

There are two calyx pieces, oval-shaped, 1.5-2cm long, falling early, and four petals, 5-7cm long, round, alternately facing each other, and the one at the bottom is the largest. There are many surgeries, one pistil, and the pistil head is radial.

The fruit of the poppy is a saffron, which is an egg-shaped sphere and is 4-6cm long and 3.5-4cm in diameter, and has no hair, and when it matures, seeds are released from the small hole above.

▲ Poppy seed and poppy seed

Poppy opium

Raw opium is the raw opium that is wound in the unripe ovary of poppies and collected white oil flowing out and hardened into lumps. Opium powder is made of this raw opium and the morphine content is adjusted to 9.5 to 10.5%.

Opium-derived substances are mainly used to control pain. It has the effect of suppressing the central nervous system and is sometimes used illegally because it causes mood changes.

Opium is a drug, so it becomes habitual and causes chronic addiction, which gradually becomes ineffective if it is not used in large amounts, and hallucinations, dependence and resistance are caused, and withdrawal symptoms appear when administration is stopped, leading to addiction. Excessive administration causes constipation, vomiting, pupil reduction, breathing problems, and coma.

Leaves and seeds are free from drugs.

Poppy (flower poppy, flower poppy)

Gaeyanggwibi, also called flower poppy and flower-plant poppy, is based on the Joseon Plant Hyangmyeongjip (Joseon Museum Research Association, Jeong Tae-hyun et al. 3, 1937) and was named because it resembles poppy.

It is said that Umiin, the love of Hangwoo in the Cho Dynasty, took his life after singing to Hangwoo’s poem of farewell at a drinking party when Hangwoo was surrounded by Yu Bang’s army, and later, dog poppy is called Umiincho because dog poppy flowers bloomed in Umiin’s tomb.


Flower poppy, flower poppy, Flanders poppy

a biennial plant of the family Poppyidae

학명 Papaver rhoeas L.

The species name rhoeas is derived from Greek and is given in the sense that the flower is the same color as the pomegranate tree (roia).

the characteristics of poppies

Canine poppies (flower poppies and flower poppies) are mainly cultivated for ornamental purposes, and their stems are about 30 to 80 cm in size.

The leaves of the dog poppy are shifted and split into idols, and the lobes are linear seeped, with sharp ends and serrated edges.

The flowers bloom around May to June, but there are various varieties, and one flower runs at the end of the branch, and faces down before blooming and up when blooming.

There are two calyx pieces, green, white on the edge, hair on the outside, falling when flowers bloom, and four petals face each other alternately and are somewhat round with a length of 3 to 4 cm. There are many surgeries, and the ovary is shaped like a honey egg, has no hair, and the pistil is radial and has hairs spread on the flower stalk.


The fruit of the dog poppy is a saffron, wide honey egg-shaped, about 1cm long, and hairless.

If you search on Naver like this to purchase seeds for the cultivation of poppies, you will find a place to sell them. If you plant a large amount around the house or around the access road to the house, you can walk on the beautiful dog poppy flower path from May.

Poppy efficacy

National Biological Species Information System

Poppy seeds (seeds) are called the genus Angus, mausoleum is called Angry Eye, the juice of the fruit is opium, and the angle of the fruit is called Angry Angles.

a genus of parrots

① Ingredients: The seeds contain a small amount of papaverine, morphine, and narcotine, and the germinated seeds contain a considerable amount of marcotine. In addition, morphine, codeine, and the baine are contained. The seeds also contain 11-oxotriacontanoic acid.

② Efficacy: Treating anti-rebellion, abdominal pain, lower back, and defection.

③ Usage and dosage: Sweeten 3-6g or use as a pill.

The eyes of a bird

① Ingredients: Narcotine, cordine, morphine, and papaverine are included.

② Efficacy: Eating vegetables has the effects of fever, leap, appetite improvement, and intestines.

Opium (Opium)

① Ingredients: The total alkaloid content of opium is 10-25%, mainly in the form of meconate.

② Efficacy: It has the effect of inflammation, undersea, shovel, and branch pain. It treats long-term control of sea water, aquaculture, mucus, defection, and myocardial bone.

③ Usage and dosage: 0.15-0.3g is taken as a pill or as an acid.

Anglican angle

It is the dried shell of the poppy, and from April to June, the fruit from which the fruit (fruit juice-opium) has already been removed is cut, the seeds are removed, and dried in the sun.

① Ingredients: The outer skin of the fruit contains alkaloids such as morphine, cordine, the baine, narcotine, papaverine, and narcotoline. In addition, sedoheptulose, d-mannoheptulose, myoinositol, etc. are included. 癒着組織(유착조직) 중에서는 magnoflorine, sanguinarine, dihydrosanguinarine, oxysanguinarine, norsanguinarine, choline, cryptopine, protopine 등이 검출되었다.

② Efficacy: It has the effect of inflammation, underground, insertion, and labor. It treats chronic seawater, defection, bloody stool, cardio-abdominal osteomyelitis, bone marrow, polyuria, and white blood. ③ Usage and dosage: Sweeten 2.4-6g and take it. It is written as a redemption or a mountain ritual.

Poppy drinking and poppy drinking efficacy

Poppy liquor is not a quenching liquor using poppy, which makes opium, but poppy, a favorite of King Hyeonjong of the Tang Dynasty, used it day and night for beauty and health.

● Poppy drinking efficacy: Medicines such as angelica, peony, woodpecker, safflower, incense, and cheese, which are ingredients of poppy drinking, promote blood circulation, warm the body, relieve menstrual pain, eliminate gynecological diseases, and increase blood to eliminate anemia. It is also a medicine that calms the mind and is very good for women’s beauty.

● Ingredients for poppy: Danggui 30g, peony 15g, wood peels 15g, red peach 15g, Yongan meat 30g, incense 15g, safflower 20g, cheese 10g, mint 10g, Shiho 10g, chrysanthemum 10g, jujube 20g, sugar 300g or honey 160g, soju 1.8l

● How to make it: Use the safflower and chrysanthemum as it is, cut the other medicinal ingredients into small pieces, put them in a container, pour soju, seal them, and store them in a cool place. Shake lightly once a day for the first three to five days, and shake frequently afterwards to accelerate aging.

Since the active ingredient of the medicine is about 3 months, it is opened after 3 months and separated by filtering the medicine with a crayfish cloth. Pour the alcohol back into the container, add sugar or honey, stir it well, and when it is completely dissolved, put one-fifth of the medicinal ingredients back in here, seal it, and store it in a cool place.

After six months, it is opened and only the top part is poured out, and the rest is filtered out with a filter paper and combined with the first filtered liquor, it becomes a medicine with a unique scent and taste.

● How to consume: It is good to drink 20ml two to three times a day before or between meals.

Poppy cultivation is illegal

Poppy cultivation is strictly prohibited, and even when cultivated in a small area, it must be approved by the Minister of Food and Drug Safety in advance. If you are caught cultivating, buying, or using poppies, you will be sentenced to up to five years in prison or fined up to 50 million won under the Narcotics Control Act.