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Web Development vs. SEO: Which Should Take Priority?

When it comes to online business, you’ll do best by developing your website with the help of web developers or a development tool. This will make your business visible online, and will contribute a professional look that makes a good impression on your prospective clients or buyers.

On the other hand, we also need SEO or search engine optimization to help improve your online presence, particularly in search engines. Experts in SEO can help make your website visible when someone searches for a particular keyword that relates to the product you are selling.

Since it’s a necessity for websites to become appealing and engaging to the public as well as a website that you can easily find, the battle between SEO experts and web developers begins. So should they really have this conflict? Which of them should you prioritize for your business? Let’s find out?

What SEO does

Let’s start with SEO. SEO is search engine optimization that makes your website visible to those who are searching on search engines like google, yahoo, bing, and many more. Search engine optimization uses keywords that fit the algorithms of search engines. These keywords will help bring your website to the top of the search engine’s list. So when someone typed that particular keyword, your website will appear on the top or on the first page of the search engine.

What about web development

If you are starting a business it is important to have a website. This is where web development comes to play. Web developers can make your website engaging and attractive to those who view it or navigating on it. They are the ones who design your website, put buttons for different functions, and provide access to your products and services. Your buyers can search and read your product or service information and make purchases online.

So which one should we prioritize?

The answer is both. However, if you are starting your online business, you might want to start with developing your website first before you optimize it in search engines. But in the long run, you most like need both SEO and web development to continually optimize and make your business appealing online. A well-developed website with good presentations and features is useless if it is not optimized. People could not find you and see the products and services that you are presenting. It’s the same with websites that are well optimized but the site is not developed. People could not see the products and cannot easily navigate your website.